Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mutant Minis.

Here's a bunch of post-apocalyptic minis for your edification and enjoyment. I started a couple of these guys at Paul's mini-bee last week, but just finished 'em today. L to R we got a cryonic refugee from before the Big One, a mutant "wizard" with a preponderance of mental mutations, a mutant lynx who's found hisself a ballistic protector suit and an EMP rifle, a cyborg skullcrusher with a saw sword, a Restorationist explorer with an M.P.A.L. (Man Portable Assault Laser), an augie renegade with a light machine gun, and a mutant badger girl.

Now excuse us, we're gonna go explore these ruins...


  1. Thanks! Stay tuned for more mutants as I get around to painting 'em up...

  2. I especially like the conversion work you did on the Lynx and the Badger (that's a reaper gnome isn't it?)

  3. Thanx.
    The lynx is W40K tau bitz, with a heavily puttied elf glade guard head. Badger girl is a Reaper dwarf barbarienne (Dark Heaven 03108), with the werewolf claws from their "creature components" pack and the tail's off an old Warhammer goblin shield, I think.