Saturday, October 1, 2011

Painting Bee at Paul's

Well, as is our occasional wont to do, a bunch of us got together to hang out and paint miniatures this weekend at my buddy Paul's new place. Mini painting with friends is a great way to hang out, and I recommend it highly to anybody who appreciates the craft.

I was also pleased to get three done today, which is more than I've painted in a dog's age.

This dude was kitbashed from a bunch of Warhammer Imperial troop and Chaos Marauder bits, with some Mordheim equipment thrown in too. He's a general purpose PC fighter type, who can also do duty as a heavy duty henchman as well. He'd been sitting on my "paint me" shelf for too long, I figured he was due.

This sinister fellow is a Reaper mini, whom I've dubbed the Crow Knight. He may turn up in this year's Creepy Crawl.

Finally, we've got this half-orc barbarienne, also a Reaper, whom I have dubbed Bunny due to her nice wooly Ugg boots. Green orcs and half orcs bore me beyond tears, so I decided to give her some frost giant in her heritage instead. Paul was painting a bunch of 10mm figs and she made a pretty convincing giantess next to the little (littler) guys.

So a fine time was had by all and I finally got around to painting some of the little bastards who've been staring resentfully from my yet to be painted shelf for months. Hooray!

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