Friday, September 2, 2011

Ladies, gentlemen, and gelatinous cubes...

I give you, apropos to nothing...

(Roll d20)
01 Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy
02 Scurvy Pirate
03 Midwestern Deadpan
04 French Canadian Fur Trapper
05 Scottish (Roll again if you are playing a dwarf character. Seriously...)
06 Kung Fu Movie
07 1930's Gangster
08 South of the Border Bandito
09 Sergeant Major
10 Like… Beatnik
11 Deep Southern Drawl
12 Mid Atlantic Fancypants
13 1960's Eastern Bloc Spy
14 Mister Gumby
15 Upper Class Twit of the Year
16 Tom Waits
17 Professor Strangelove
18 Swami
19 Scandinavian Chef
20 Sings instead of Speaks

Make sure to use its awesome power wisely. I've come close to destroying myself and some of my closest friends with these accents...