Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh, and by the way.

I should make note, being as this is a gaming type blog about gaming type stuff, that this past Friday I had a marvelous session of old school D&D at my buddy DH's. He was running Moldvay/Cook red box/blue box style, and it was a lotta fun. Delta came up from NYC and a grand time was had by all.

I started play as Nosnoj the Magic Man (try to understand, he is a magic man!), armed with a magic +1 dagger and a handful of random rolled, non damaging spells, and clad in slacks, sandals, and the finest knee length turtleneck sweater with elbow and shoulder pads. Then when said stalwart fell to a punch in the neck from a zombie, I switched to playing Freddie "The Bastard" Fraggatelli, a local tough the party had press ganged when busting up a ring of slavers.

This led me to an interesting lesson about play of the game. This was the second time I've had a character die on me, and be replaced by a character I enjoyed playing even more. Those of you readers who were part of my old Thursday night group remember the untimely and sudden death of my brownie character known as "The Ferret", who was replaced by the legendary Zzapokk the Lizard Man, who in all my years of gaming is still my favoritest character I ever played. The lesson: lighten up about your character getting croaked. It's usually an opportunity to run with something even more fun. Fortune favors the bold!

Anyway, thanks a bunch, DH for a great session, and I tip my hat to my fellow players as well. Nary a dud at the table, which is what really makes a session shine. I would play with all of you guys again if given the chance.

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  1. Glad you had a good time. It seems to be one of my more successful endeavors, no doubt due to the star-studded group players. I'll certainly be trying to reproduce that experience in the future.

    The downer of having your character die should always be eclipsed by the excitement of making a new one. It's a balance though, too much death with not enough time to make each character shine can really ruin a game. I was disappointed we didn't get to see just a little more of the Ferret, I think he could've been a very interesting character. Though Zzapokk was certainly an excellent follow-up.