Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Labyrinth Lord Magic Items: The Wing Cloaks of Kagaku Ninpo

Created in a time of strife by the Great Wizard Namboo to defend the peace loving people of his homeland, these five magical cloaks have a long and storied history as mighty tools in the hands of Lawful forces.

Each cloak is patterned after a type of bird, with a scalloped edge cut to resemble a bird's wing and a hood that forms into a sort of stylized beaked helmet resembling the head of the avian it represents. At a word of command they can magically shift to appear as rather nondescript traveling cloaks with garishly striped linings.

All of the cloaks allow the wearer to make leaps of up to 20' vertically or over a distance of 50'. They are also enchanted to bestow a +2 bonus to Armor Class and Saving throws in the manner of a Cloak of Protection.

In addition, each cloak bears unique requirements for use and each carries a unique weapon secreted in special pockets in the "wingtips".

The Cloak of the Eagle
This bright, white cloak will only function if the wearer is Lawful. It comes equipped with a razor edged, crescent shaped boomerang made to look like a stylized bird, which does 1d6 damage, has a range of 10/20/30, and returns to the users hand after each throw.

The Cloak of the Condor
This brooding, black cloak allows its wearer to declare a favored enemy, granting a +2 to hit and damage against them. Its hem is lined with 8 throwing darts that do 1d4 dmg, can be thrown at a range of 15/30/45, and which replenish once per day. There is also a 50' line with a collapsible grapple hidden in the right wingtip.

The Cloak of the Swan
This elegant, snowy white cloak will only function for female wearers. It comes with a spinning disk weapon attached to a 30' length of line that does 1d4 on impact and can be commanded to explode for 2d6 points of fire damage once per day. It can be commanded to return after each throw.

The Cloak of the Sparrow
This tiny, dark blue cloak is sized for halflings, and can only be used by them. Each wingtip contains a bolo with a range of 15/30/45 that can be used to either trip and immobilize a fleeing foe or disarm them. A missed throw with this weapon will return to the user.

The Cloak of the Horned Owl
This large, green cloak is wearable by anyone with a Strength over 12. The wingtips are weighted and do 1d6 damage on impact. (The user may make two attacks per round)

Whirlwind Attack
When all five cloaks are brought together, the users may summon and control a whirlwind similar to that of a djinni, 10' wide at it's base, 20' wide at its apex and 70' high, which does 2d6 pts to all that it contacts and throws creatures of 2hd or less 10' if they fail a save vs. death. This attack lasts for 5 rounds and can be done once a day.

These magic items are hereby designated as Open Game Content via the Open Game License.

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