Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Labyrinth Lord (Cursed) Magic Item: The Red Gauntlets of Argack

Once there was a vile warlock who whilst skilled in the dark craft was known for not thinking things entirely through.

Said sorceror, who styled himself Argack the Maledictator, fell afoul of the doughty Handsman known as Pugnacious Phil Potluck, and many of his sinister schemes ended ignobly, beneath the pummeling fists and clog stepping hobnails of the brawny adventurer.

Running out of both patience and teeth, the doer of dire deeds crafted a magical set of gauntlets designed to engulf the heroic brawler's very life in ruin, madness, and misery.

The Red Gauntlets of Argack at first blush could be mistaken for Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Once donned, the wearer is compelled to start punching things. Friends, foes, furniture, foodstuffs, farm animals, all find themselves faced by a frenzy of furious fists. The unfortunate wearer of the gauntlets is fully aware and rational, but can not... stop... punching... things.

They will continue to punch until they are slain, fall unconscious from exhaustion, or are restrained. If the victim is bound, the cursed gloves will compel them to try to break free, bestowing an effective Strength bonus of +3.

Some tellers of tales state that Pugnacious Phil escaped from the Gauntlets by directing their fury at himself, allowing his comrades precious time to remove and discard the accursed handwear. (And gaining the dubious distinction among those of his calling as the only Handsman who had ever beaten himself up.)

A Remove Curse spell is the only way to otherwise get the Gauntlets off of their hapless wearer.

The Gauntlets do 1d4 points of damage + the wearer's Strength Bonus, and attack twice in a round.

The villainous Argack's greatest, and final, mistake was remaining in the same room to gloat after inflicting the accursed Gauntlets on his hated enemy.

His perfectly flattened skull is on display in the museum of curios in Castle Rygar.

These magic items are hereby designated as Open Game Content via the Open Game License.

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