Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Labyrinth Lord Magic Item: The Bladeless Sword of Justice

Created by the Astrodukes of Fahr to stem the tide of evil, these magical weapons appear as the bronze hilt of a sword lacking a blade of any kind. If casually handled that is all it will seem to be, and it can be easily kept in a belt pouch or pocket.

When wielded with intent by a Lawful being, a blade of invisible force manifests that functions as a +2 magic weapon. Against Chaotic enemies, the blade is razor sharp and does 1d8+2 damage. Against Neutral foes, it becomes more like a blunt rod that does 1d6 damage. Against a Lawful opponent the blade will not manifest.

The length of this unseen blade is variable based on the desires of the wielder, and can be anywhere from dagger to pole arm length with no appreciable change in weight.

When the hilt is handled by a Chaotic being, there is a 20% that the blade will manifest itself, cutting or stabbing them for 1d8+2 damage.

In certain dens of evil where these weapons are known, it's possible to bluff those denizens of lesser intelligence, putting them to flight by brandishing a simple sword hilt bereft of its blade. Such is the fear that the Bladeless Sword engenders in the dire and darksome.

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