Monday, July 28, 2014

A Most Excellent Curative for the Baleful Affliction of Lycanthropy.

The following is a cure for lycanthropy discovered in the town archives of the alpine village of Strangledorf.

Mountainroot Morel – A greyish morel that grows deep in damp mountain caves at a depth of at least 50 ft down from the surface.

Crimson Tail – Extravagantly poisonous weed with bright red, goldenrod-like tufts. Look for a lot of insect, bird, and small animal carcasses around a plant of that description. Handle with extreme care. Try not to stand downwind from the plant in late summer.

Madman’s Rose – Small purplish flowers with yellow spirals on the petals. Juice is hallucinogenic if touched or ingested fresh.

Golden Ear Mushroom – Relatively benign wood ear type mushroom that grows on fallen logs in deep forests. Popular among druids, who guard their sources carefully.

Greenishghul – Sickly looking whitish green shrub. Local lore says it seems to attract the undead to the places it grows. Bring a cleric, or at least a club with some silver nails driven thru it.

Hermit’s Quill – White tufted plant with sharp thorns. Plant’s juices are a deep, blackish purple that stains anything and everything permanently. Don't wear clothing you're particularly attached to while harvesting.

Wolfsbane – A purple flower that can cause paralysis and potentially death if picked carelessly.
Seriously... Stay away from this stuff.

Place ingredients in a spotless copper kettle along with 1 gallon of dire wolf blood, 1 gallon of fine wine, and 1 gallon of holy water.

Bring to boil, then simmer until it's reduced to 1 pint of thick, black liquid. Strain and place contents in glass beaker and suspend in sun for 7 days.

Cast “Bless” on the liquid, swallow a silver piece, then drink complete contents whilst holding breath. May the heavens have mercy upon you.

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