Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Well Tarnation!

 Them fast movin' freaks was all runnin' to get their copy of the newest retro-mutant RPG to hit the ol' information superhighway like an armadillo hittin' the underside of a truckbot. (Of course, that pack o' landsharks hot on their tails might have had something to do with it too...)

Mutant Bastards - Adventures in the New West
Goin' on about twenty years ago me and my compadres cooked up one of the earliest retro-clones, cobbled together from 2nd. Edition Gamma World and 2nd. Edition D&D with a glaze of Sergio Leone inspired Western style action laid on thick as Intensity Level 18 barbecue sauce over a hunk o' slow roasted giant iguana meat.

As a parting gift to that gaming group when life began to send us our separate ways, I created a custom rule book based on our home-brewed campaign, lavishly illustrated and packed from cover to cover with all the details you'd need to run your own adventures in the wild and wooley wastelands of the New West.

The original Mutant Bastards book, circa 1998.
And now, two decades on I've cracked open the vault, dusted off the text, cooked up a mess of fresh artwork, and whipped it into a complete RPG book for everyone to enjoy.

Check it out here at DriveThruRPG.com:


It's available as a downloadable .pdf right now, and in the very near future it will be available as a print on demand softcover.

And further on down the line, look for expansion books, as the mutant mayhem makes its way toward the New South, the New North, and the New East.

Please spread the word and come on by and give it a look see. I'd be most grateful.

Yippy kay yay!

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