Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Talkin' testudines

A.K.A. Turtles, tortoises, terrapins.

My lady riding the sea turtle from yesterday isn't the only rock ribbed reptile in my collection. Here are a few more hard shelled horrors to contemplate.

First off, a buncha what Reaper calls Spikeshells. I painted 'em up for "Island on the Crescent Sea" but they never saw action. Still good to have as heavy support for lizard men or other scaly scaries.
Note the blue, purple, orange & red markings.
They haunted a domed temple on their island where you were bound to encounter this guy.

He's a custom job, built from a Schleich giant tortoise and a bunch of GW lizard man heads I had on hand. A little glue, a little paint, and I've got a heavily armored hydra-esque behemoth to keep your hapless adventurers hopping. 

Plus this guy can pull double (or triple, or as many heads as he's got) duty as either a magical monster in a fantasy game or a massive mutant in a sci-fi or Gamma World game. 

I originally cooked up the idea for this beastie a while ago when I was making up swamp monsters for the Southern fried follow up to my original Mutant Bastards game. Behold, and beware, the Snag. 
If you ran into one of these in the river, you'd be in trouble. Hopefully as this year rolls on I'll be able to dredge up some more mutant mayhem. We'll see.

What the shell ?

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