Monday, January 7, 2019

Holiday Hengeyokai!

I got an awesome Christmas present from my brother & his family this past holiday season, and the box came today! Whoot!

Yep, he got me some gift card action from HeroForge, so I could get some minis made more or less to my personal specifications thru the modern miracle of 3D printing.

I ordered 3 minis in their standard plastic, and decided to fill out the character roster for a feudal Japan/yokai themed adventure I'm gonna be running at this year's Helgacon.

Since I'm adapting my material from the classic 1985 "Oriental Adventures" book, the big thing I kinda lacked was hengeyokai, which are shapeshifting animals who can assume humanoid form. So my three custom characters are an usagi bushi, a neko ninja, and a kame sohei.

I got the figures with a slot base, so that I could go with the standard 20 mm Citadel bases I use for player character minis.

All in all, I'm thrilled with how these came out!

The 3D renderings on HeroForge's creation screen don't do the figures justice. The detail is crisp and clean, the scale is perfect, and there were barely any rough spots that I filed off easily. They're gonna fit in with the other figures I've acquired for this game flawlessly.

Depicted here with a Perry Brothers samurai and a Reaper kitsune.

I'm really psyched to paint these up.

So my prognosis on HeroForge: They're a fair bit more expensive than yer average mini, but the detail and quality is great, and if you have something kinda specific or unusual in mind and are willing to spring for it and wait about two weeks, then it's a great option!


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