Saturday, March 23, 2019

March Hare

Well, I know this blog has been kinda quiet of late, and it's A: because I'm furiously preparing for this year's upcoming Helgacon and B: I just haven't had much all to talk about. The latter's not entirely true, but in the interest of avoiding spoilers for reason A I've been keeping mum.

So here's a bunny!
There's an amazing range of things you can get these days in the hobby, but some things are too specific or too expensive to acquire, and one of these was a 28 mm scale rabbit. My usual go to for minis Reaper has a couple options in some of their metal familiar sets, but as a fellow of limited means I wasn't quite prepared to spend $10 bucks for what amounted to a character accessory.

But I needed an alternate form for one of the hengeyokai characters in one of my upcoming games, so I had to make it from scratch. I'm pretty happy with the result, if I may say so myself. I am beginner level at best working with the green stuff, and a tiny little critter is a challenge.

Anyway, we're a few weeks away game time, and even further from chocolate n' eggs time, but here's a hare to share.

Hippity hoppity!

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