Thursday, July 4, 2019

Wandering DM's Livecast This Weekend!

So if you need someplace to put your eyeballs this weekend and you wanna see how the old schoolies do it then check out my amigos Delta & Paul's titanic live streamed game session.

To celebrate Paul's birthday (Happy Birthday, Paul!), some of the finest gamers on this planet will be congregating for the long 4th. of July weekend in his palatial gaming room to run thru Dyson Logos' deadly "Dyson's Delve", continuing the epic adventures they began one year ago.

You can check out the livestreams here and here all weekend:

Wandering DMs on YouTube.

Wandering DMs on Twitch.

Were I a less philosophical sort of fellow I would be BOILING with jealousy right now, for they are all there in Massachusetts and I am out here in my fortress of solitude in rural PA. But I wish them all the best, and safe journey and travel mercies for all the folks making the trip up from NY. Maybe circumstances will allow me to attend next year's festivities.

Listening in via the miracle of the interblab is the next best thing, and in the meantime while I vicariously enjoy their shenanigans I'll be working on some exciting projects that'll hopefully be seeing the starlight soon.

So stay tuned everybody!

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