Sunday, May 17, 2009

Session 2: Analysis

Well, it was kind of a small crowd tonight, with only two players, but it still worked pretty good. Both characters were kind of similar in style, a druid, and a cleric who's domains were animals, death, trickery, and chaos. Seemed like they'd be a good team, and they pretty much were. Since both could forage for food, they didn't have the supply issues the last party did, but they were a little overmatched, even with the benefit of their animal companions.

One thing I've discovered is worgs are freakin' badass. The goblin rider's almost like an afterthought. The worgs are definitely pulling the freight in this relationship...

Anyway, Serpentus managed to hit Lvl 2 this session, so golf claps for the druid.

The thing I'm happiest about with this session was a fair bit of adventure hooks got hung out there, so hopefully some players will follow up on those. The players have a lead on a potential dungeon to go explore, and have heard rumors of a potential antagonist. All good by my book.

Finally, again the sandbox is working. I had a small group this time, and we still managed to have a good adventure. This format is turning out to be pretty flexible. If I had a regular group, two players would mean however many other players' characters would be idle, which would usually mean a cancellation. So thumbs up about that.

That being said, I think I'm gonna relax signup restrictions so that more players might be encouraged to show up.

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