Sunday, May 31, 2009

Session 4: Analysis

Overall, a pretty good session. We had a totally new player at the table and I think she aquitted herself quite well.

The bit at the beginning about Redkettle selling his ankheg armor to Celenor the cleric is funny because they're both characters belonging to the same player. I made him work out the sale with some opposed Bluff and Sense Motive checks, and the smooth talking sorceror took his elven alt. character for every dime he had. I then had them roll Diplomacy vs. Sense Motive to see if any bad blood between them would arise, but sadly it didn't.

I noticed overall that the group was a bit timorous about exploring with all the dire warnings of doom and danger the rumor table has given them. I guess it makes sense for them, as 1st. level greenhorns, to be careful. I just wish they'd cowboy up so I can git to murderin' em. All these black dragons and liches don't work cheap, y'know.

I kid, of course. Or do I?

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