Friday, November 13, 2009

Shortcuts for Shopping

I've noticed that in the past couple of one shot sessions I've been involved in, the boggy part of character creation for Labyrinth Lord, if you're trying to move fast, is equipment purchasing. Once you figure out your primary armor and weapons, you have to slow down and get a bunch of handy junk that's usually the same set of things anyway.

So here's a bunch of packages for equipment, that someone could probably print out on note cards or something. These are pretty much selections from the standard equipment list bracketed toward certain purposes, so that players can make quick decisions about their secondary equipment. Of course, players could opt to edit these more to their taste, but if you're movin' fast, in my mind it's easier to, for example, buy a Camping Kit and have done with it.

The DM could opt to round the prices to gold pieces, up reflecting the addition of a handsome carrying case or some extra stuff thrown in from random tables of choice, or round down to reflect a bargain from the merchant for getting a package deal.

It's always Black Friday down in the dungeon.

Burglar's Kit
Cost: 12.21 gp
Weight: 14.5 lb.
Contents: Crowbar, Grappling Hook, 50' Silk Rope, Candles (10), 1 Large Sack

Camping Kit:
Cost: 10.6 gp
Weight: 24 lb.
Contents: Bedroll, Backpack, Flint & Steel, Waterskin, 10 days Trail Rations,Winter Blanket

Cartographer's Kit:
Cost: 13.31 gp
Weight: .5 lb
Contents: Parchment (20 sheets), Candles (10), 3 Quill Pens, 3 Vials Ink, Map Case

Climbing Kit:
Cost: 3.5 gp
Weight: 24 lb.
Contents: Grappling Hook, Iron Spikes(12), 50' Hemp Rope, Hammer

Dungeon Delver's Kit:
Cost: 15.4 gp
Weight: 31 lb
Contents: 50' Silk Rope, 10' Pole, Torches (8), Backpack, Waterskin, 2 Large Sacks, 3 days Trail Rations

Grave Robber's Kit:
Cost: 5 gp
Weight: 23.5 lb
Contents: Crowbar, Shovel, 3 Large Sacks, 1 Oil Flask, Torches (8)

Monster Hunter's Kit
Cost: 16.85 gp
Weight: 6 lb.
Contents: Wooden Holy Symbol, Garlic(3 Cloves), 3 Oil Flasks, Wolfsbane, Hammer, Wooden Stakes (3)

Spelunker's Kit:
Cost: 13.2 gp
Weight: 31 lb.
Contents: Lantern, 10 oil flasks, Miner's Pick, 10' Pole

Vampire Hunter's Kit
Cost: 41.85 gp
Weight: 12 lb.
Contents: Wooden Holy Symbol, Garlic(3 Cloves), Flask of Holy Water, 3 Oil Flasks, Hammer, Wooden Stakes (3), Steel Mirror

The content of these kits is Open Game Content via the Open Game License.


  1. Brilliant. My solution has been to give the players starting equipment, based on their class, but your way gives them some choice, but still keeps things moving along.

  2. Thanks! Glad you dug it.

    I've noticed over the years that folks tend to choose equipment in very similar patterns, and these patterns are very logical. You cover your basic needs, then move on to contingencies.

    The useful thing about this, in my mind, is it focus' on task. Going on a wilderness trek? Buy a camping kit. Going to do a little looting in the local ruins? Buy a dungeon delver's kit. Etc. etc.

  3. @BigFella: These came in handy in our long-term game, too. You should post pictures of the finished product.