Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Devil's In The Details - Kedai

Here's another Devil's In The Details list from the world of Sanduk Ramul. The Kedai

Many Kedai (Roll 1d20 three times)

1: Expend more energy trying to get out of work than they would have just doing the work.

2: Speak the Common tongue with a pronounced lisp, and get prickly about it if someone notices.

3: Get lost easily on city streets, but can navigate uncannily on rooftops.

4: Feign sleep very convincingly.

5: Are viewed with considerable distrust by fishmongers

6: Are relentlessly talkative, even at times where it would be better if they kept quiet.

7: Will cram themselves into confined spaces just to see if they can fit.

8: Will rearrange furniture, rifle through belongings, and tinker with things when the owner isn't present, then frankly tell them what they've done when they return.

9: Will lose interest in a discussion or argument and wander off just as things are getting heated.

10: Never laugh out loud.

11: Are mesmerized by small, jangly, shiny objects, and greatly resent having this tendency used against them. (Game effect: the presence of such an object forces them to save vs spell or lose initiative)

12: Favor koumiss over wine or beer.

13: Are excellent gamblers.

14: Never pass up a chance to taunt, prank, or otherwise humiliate gnolls.

15: Have a hard time bluffing or lying since the movements of their tail give them away. Kedai with wisdom scores over 16 are often able to turn this to their advantage.

16: Have profoundly bad breath.

17: Cannot stand having anything on their feet, and will suffer a 10' movement penalty until the offending object or substance is removed.

18: Develop an avid taste for citrus fruits or melons.

19: Greatly enjoy swimming, bathing, and otherwise being in the water.

20: Are insufferably smug, even when they have no reason to be.

Some Kedai (Roll 1d16 once)

1: Are secretly terrified of heights.

2: Have beautiful singing voices.

3: Are melanistic.

4: Are more devout worshipers of their lost deity, the Ohai, than they let on.

5: Are synesthetic

6: Are terribly allergic to dairy products of all sorts.

7: Use dyes to enhance the appearance of their pelts.

8: Hate serpents and snake like monsters and will slay them without mercy.

9: Have two different colored eyes, and are convinced the lighter colored eye gives them prophetic visions.

10: Will occasionally buy random trinkets and baubles and give them as gifts to their friends.

11: Are narcoleptic.

12: Practice a form of asceticism, subsisting on a simple diet of fish, sleeping on the streets, and dressing in simple, unassuming garments.

13: Take extreme pride in their swordsmanship, archery, or skill at wrestling. Such kedai never pass up a contest or challenge in their chosen discipline

14: Grow large and burly, but are still quite nimble in spite of their bulk.

15: Experience vivid hallucinations when exposed to catnip.

16: Have an eye for temple architecture, and can tell at a glance what deity is worshiped there and where the entrances, exits, and best hiding places are.

Some Common Traveling Gear (1d16, roll 1d3 times)

1: A bundle of palm leaves (1d6 of them, Add +1 to poison save rolls if eaten shortly after ingesting the toxin.)

2: A leather band with a small bell hanging off of it, worn at the tip of the tail.

3: 1d4 small pots of henna dye in a hinged wooden case, ranging from pale gold to deep black, with a small paintbrush.

4: A 100' ball of twine.

5: A silver fish hook.

6: A small, portable backgammon set.

7: A palm sized brush with stiff bristles.

8: A small pouch full of mint leaves.

9: A tiny cloth doll shaped like an antelope, stuffed with catnip.

10: A small beaded rattle.

11: A mummified bird on a lanyard.

12: A small abacus.

13: A bucket, dubiously obtained.

14: A small bag of colorfully striped glass spheres.

15: A spear fishing gig.

16: A small hammock.

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