Sunday, May 8, 2011

HelgaCon IV: The Fallen Obelisk - Analysis

Well, it's been over a month since I ran this thing, so I don't have too much to talk about.

Delta and Paul once again put their best feet forward (complete with curly toed slipper) as the Jarib brothers. Their write ups of the session can be viewed here and here.

That's not to give short shrift to all the other players. (Seven in total, a lucky number indeed since there were no fatalities in a very dangerous delve.) You guys were all great to play with, and hopefully you all can visit the drifting sands of Sanduk Ramul again someday.

Overall, I was very happy with this session. The players seemed a bit slow to act at first, which I'll chalk up to sleep deprivation and a rich meal of traditional Helgacon chili provided by the inestimable Mr. G moments before.

They soon picked up the slack as they got deeper into the catacombs. Good, solid dungeon crawling and all the attendant thrills and chills.

While the map and orrerry didn't really fall into either the "action" or "loot" categories, I was still happy about including it as it gave the players a little more insight into the campaign world, which could become important someday. Who knows?

I was totally jazzed to get to run the chess game with the genie, as it was one of the showpieces of the mini sandbox I'd created. (Also, what's an Arabian Nights themed game without a genie. I ask you?)

The way I set up the mechanic, the player's intelligence was their equivalent to a fighter level, their armor class was 20 - their wisdom, and we played out a combat doing 1d6 dmg per hit with 16 HPs, for the 16 chess pieces, on either side.

The games were remarkably close, and very tense indeed, all while I got to turn on the deep voiced menace of this powerful elemental creature.

The other awesome upshot of this session was the continuing adventures of the Jarib brothers, which its forming up shall indeed continue in more sessions to come, turning this into a very slow motion campaign, which puts the "Awwww YEAH!" in Awesome! Maybe someday they'll work out who really owns that spear, but probably not, knowing those two...

I look forward to finding out in many more sessions. Helgacon V at the absolute latest.

Until next time, sim sim, salabim!

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