Friday, July 12, 2013

Pacific Rim...

... on the other hand, was AWESOME!

Go see it frequently!

The best part of it was that while the plot touched on several very familiar tropes from these sorts of things and of action/scifi/dramas in general, it was all handled with a wonderfully light touch that didn't drag or bog the film down in angst. The interactions between the characters were genuine and didn't feel like the screenwriters had never met a human before.

I guess any criticism I have is that some of the action scenes were hard to follow in a way that's typical of modern CGI driven movies. Too much swooping about and difficulty in focusing on what was happening. Some distance shots, or daytime action would be nice. I understand that night time and close focus helps hide the seams, but a little bit of clarity would help.

Anyway, the performances were solid. The plot progressed nicely and didn't drag out the movie. You liked the characters, and found yourself caring about them. And the giant robots were frikkin' cool.

Go and enjoy the best movie they've come out with this summer.

Please look forward to it!

Oh, and make sure you stay past the main credits for a fun little stinger. That seems to be the thing these days and it's worth it. 


  1. I'm dragging the wife to se it today!

  2. Not the best blockbuster of the summer, but still a whole bucket of fun. Good review B.J.

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, I wouldn't call it a great movie at all, but it was solidly built and I walked out of the theater satisfied and entertained, and I'd be willing to see this again.

      As I said, it did a lot of stuff I've seen before in countless other giant robot/giant monster type things, but it did 'em well and no plot point wore out its welcome, which isn't really too much to ask but seems to be when you watch a lot of these blockbuster class films.