Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mighty Minis

Since I was nerdy enough to show off my brand new miniature filing system on my last post, I figured I ought to do a few posts featuring the contents of my spiffy little plastic boxes. This week:

When I was working on getting some minis ready for this year's Helgacon, my eyes and wallet wandered over to Reaper Miniatures, where both were ensnared by several cool superheroes and villains from their Chronoscope line. So I wound up acquiring about two teams worth of heroes.

The Superlative Seven. Evildoers beware!
The Elementelles, freelance female furies for freedom!
 And of course, what good are heroes without a grisly rogues gallery of villains to battle?

Thirteen monstrous menaces.
But then I thought that our favorite comic book adventures don't just feature super powered folks. That was a little tougher to pull together, until recently I discovered these plastic figures from Wargames Factory. They're meant to be zombie apocalypse survivors (male & female), but with a little bit of finagling with my bits box and modeling putty, I got a nice range of modern era normal folks to fill out a superheroic adventure.

And so I have brave officers of the law.
Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?
Federal Agents or Plainclothes Detectives.
Secret AGENT man. Secret AGENT man.
I also had some Reaper Bones tech troopers who make a dandy SWAT team.
Advanced Special Weapons & Tactics, to be precise.
On the other side of the judge's gavel I got cheap street thugs.
Thugs, or training equipment for rookie supers?
An armed gang or a supervillain's minions.
All right guys, lets go do crimes!
And a deadly squad of robots (also from Reaper).
3 Laws? We are programmed to not need no steenkin' 3 Laws.
And standing haplessly in the middle of it all, assorted civilians.
These are the people in your neighborhood.
I got plans for these guys. Those of you out there in the Helgacon cosmos, look forward to their appearance there next year.

Stay tuned, true believers! Excelsior!

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