Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Tears of the Seeress

Tellers of tales claim this mystic fountain is hidden in some remote mountain fastness, or in the depths of a deep catacomb.

The polished granite basin is surmounted by a statue of a looming robed figure carved of the same grey, white veined stone, with hands folded over its breast and a serene female face with black holes for eyes, leaning over the bowl. Cold springwater pours out of the holes into the shallow pool below, which then drains through holes at the lip of the basin, keeping it at a level 2 inches from the rounded edge. The pool radiates magic to a Detect Magic spell, and those that drink of it are affected thusly:

Roll 1d10

1: Affected as if by a Sleep spell if a Save vs. Spell is not made. There is a 10% while the drinker is sleeping they will have some form of prophetic dream. Otherwise this effect functions as delineated in the rules for Sleep.

2: Overcome by melancholy, suffering -1 to all saves and actions for the rest of the day.

3: Heal 2d8+4 pts damage. Only happens once, after which the drinker is merely refreshed by the cool draught.

4: Gain the ability to spot secret doors as if an elf. If the drinker is an elf, gain +1 pt of permanent Wisdom. Only happens once.

5: A weird curse effects your eyes, causing you to see what's behind you and making you blind to what's in front of you. Victims must walk backwards and suffer a -4 to attacks, and may be automatically backstabbed by theives. This effect lasts until a Remove Curse can be cast upon you.

6: Gain Clairvoyance for 1d6 minutes. Only happens once.

7: When entering combat must make Save vs. Spells or begin weeping and blubbering uncontrollably for 1d4 rounds during which you cannot act or cast spells, you may only run. This persists until a Remove Curse is cast.

8: A single tear rolls down your cheek, and transforms into a tiny aquamarine worth 1d4X10 gp. Only happens once.

9: Gain immunity to Gaze attacks for the rest of the day.

10: The drinker's eyes begin to glow with a faint blue light. This effect is permanent. It isn't noticeable in daylight or in illuminated rooms, but is fairly easy to spot at night or in darkened spaces. Thieves gain a -5 to Hide in Shadows.

If this water is removed from the fountain and carried off in a container, it will become normal spring water.

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