Monday, August 9, 2010

What the swearing cuss is wrong with me?

I bought way too many miniatures at GenCon. It's like an addiction. I've got a kabillion I still have to paint from before this little jaunt, but here's this trip's tally:

A bunch of Arabian Nights guys from IronWind Metals. For eventual use in the Thousand Year Sandglass.

This funky djinn guy, also IronWind. 'cos Arabian Nights type settings need lotsa genies.

A bunch of gals from IronWind's $2 bux a babe box. 'cos they're fun to paint is all.

Assorted robots from Reaper's Chronoscape line, for robotting it up in Gamma World applications or what have you.

Betty the Space Heroine, also from Reaper. Just 'cos she's cool, plus I've already got some robots.

A packet of giant preying mantis', also with an eye toward Post Apocalyptic giant bug fun! From Iron Wind.

Buncha kung fu guys from Alkemy. I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. I'm starting to not just collect minis, but to collect genres of minis. (Like western/steampunk, post apocalyptic, Arabian Nights, and now, Kung Fu guys...) They were $10 cheaper on sale at Games Plus's booth.

A bear. Because everything's more intense with bears. From Reaper.

And then, of course, the stinking badgers, from this game about fighting critters called Brushfire. Just 'cos they looked cool, and having a bunch of big critter goons with iron claws will make for more awesome Gamma World type shenanigans someday. I'll need to find some good mutant fungus monsters so I can get this kind of action going. I guess I'm most boggled by these 'cos I bought 'em after I'd vowed to stop buying stuff. *sigh*

Seriously, though. Am I nuts? Yeesh... Better get back to painting again...


  1. Re: collecting genres of minis. I know the feeling.

  2. At least you actually _paint_, so it's not so bad? Unlike me, and my 10 Meeses and 1 Lemur, and my not having painted in like a year and a half...! Oy! MUST PAINT!

    I resisted going by the Brushfire booth after first walking past it - their minis were just too damn cool!!