Monday, January 15, 2018

It's Elemental!

No, not him.
I'm talking about some of the best Bones for your buck. Reaper's large elemental figures. The colored translucents are particularly choice.

As I've said before, their pricing is excellent for a cash poor gamer with delusions of tabletop grandeur like myself. When I needed to make a splash with last year's arch-villain in my Helgacon Thousand Year Sandglass game, nothing says "Boss of the Boss Fight" like a brace of fire elementals at your back. (Admittedly, the way the the game played out it wasn't one of my best, but damn if those beasties didn't make 'em sweat when I first put 'em on the table.)

The Burning Lich and his blazing buddies.

I just wish they'd get around to doing an Air Elemental so I could get the complete set. 

That would be simply Splendid!

Update!: Joy! 

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