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The Creepy Crawl Chronicles - Sessions 62 & 63

This will account for both sessions, ‘cos it’s all in the same encounter space.
Greed – Lvl 6 Homanculus
Tao – Lvl 5 Druid
Ritzy – Lvl 5 Homanculus
Tysis – Lvl 5 Fighter
Tarvinir – Lvl 5 Magic User
Arongoth of Hogendaus – Lvl 6 Cleric/Vegetable
Vlad Draculastein – Lvl 5 Flying Dampyr Head and zombie body.

Monsters Mashed:

10 Cthonic Guardians: Smashed, bashed, zapped, used as projectiles, and disenchanted.
1000 EXP/7 players = 142 EXP apiece

Draco, the Terrible One: Stabitty stab stabbed, then finished off by a critical crossbow bolt from Arongoth.
3100 EXP/7 players = 442 EXP apiece

The Bronze Destroyer: Slipped up, bashed in the face by hurled Cthonic Guardians, and Magic Missiled.
2125 EXP/7 players = 303 EXP apiece

Total: 887 EXP apiece.

Notable damage: Vlad’s body’s down for the count with a charred crater where there used to be a hip. Tarvenir has lost feet and shins to hot plasma and molten bronze respectively. Vlad’s head’s back to bein’ pretty but took a bit of a beating from the molten brass as well.

Jumpin' Jupiter it's the Dragon Men!


After getting Vlad patched up (more or less) the party descended back down into the cave to investigate the big circular copper disc studded door thingy. They observed that the center of the door was a silver disk that appeared to have been charred and scored by a Lightning Bolt. Taking the hint, Tarvinir cast the electrifying spell and caused the portal to start spinning, faster and faster and then fading away into an open gate between the cave beneath Von Himmel Manor and the extra-dimensional stronghold of an ancient draconic entity and its reverently chanting primordial minions. Of course they charged in and started stabbing things and wrecking stuff, and got a little wrecked themselves in the process. 

I don't often get the chance to throw an actual dragon at my players, I think in all my years playing Dungeons & Dragons I've only fielded about 2-3 of 'em, and of those Draco was probably the closest to the platonic ideal of a big, mean, magical monster lounging on a pile of gold. 

As you can see, the party did poor ol' Draco quite a mischief, but he would soon bounce back as would they after they scampered back to Von Himmel for more emergency surgery. 

Stay Tuned.

The Vault of Draco:

For this scenario I used Dyson Logos' Skyrae's Oubliette map. Once again, I don't think it's cool to post his stuff here without permission, so you'll have to figure out the key numbers based on the following description: The 80'x30' horizontal room to the S is room 0. The big central room is Draco's throne platform at 1. The room on the W side from the hall leading N is room 2. The long hallway along the W side is 3. The 45º angled room is 4. The room above it with the door to the S at the top of the curved stairs is 5, and the room above that with the hall leading E to room 1 is 6. The three rooms above 1 are 7, 8, & 9 leading E, and then the small rooms in the SE corner of the map are 10, 11, 12 going from N to S. Confused? Sorry. Can't help ya more than that.

0:At the top of the steps the 20’ circular door is set with 11000 copper discs bearing some kind of ancient pictograph. In the center you see a circular plate of some silvery metal that is covered in a fine patina of ash. If this plate is struck by a Lightning Bolt spell, the door will crackle with electricity and then begin to turn, faster and faster until it  blurs out and vanishes. Metallic armor will spark harmlessly as the portal is passed thru.

1:  When the portal is opened, you see a large square chamber, 60’X60’ beyond. It is lined in worked bronze streaked with black corrosion. The sound of a deep bass chanting, repeating the phrase “Draco” echoes into the cave and this chamber. On a 2’ high, 50' diameter circular dias in the center of the chamber is a large creature lying, apparently asleep, on a pile of gold and silver figurines of humanoid creatures with reptilian or fish like heads (79000 silver, 40000 gold). It is built like a huge panther, with a serpent’s head on a long neck and a long, whip-like serpent’s tail. It’s scales are grey like dully polished steel, and a red glow flickers from behind its eye sockets and the corners of its mouth. 

Draco: HD: 13, HP: 55, AC: -1, Claw/Claw/Bite 1d8/1d8/4d8, Breath Weapon 3 times/current HP dmg, Mv: 90(30) Fly 240(80), Sv: F13 Ml: 10. Spells: Charm Person, Ventriloquism, Shield, Hold Portal, Detect Invisible, Phantasmal Force, ESP, Detect Good, Protection from Normal Missiles, Hold Person, Haste

Surrounding this tableau are 10 bronze sculptures each about 5’ tall, shaped like robed figures with the bone plated heads of the creatures you fought outside. The chanting is coming from them. If the party approaches the dias or the alcoves, they will rotate and attack with a sonic wail until intruders flee. 

Cthonic Guardians: HD: 3, HP: 20 each, AC: 2, Atk: Sonic Wail: 60’ range, 30’ wide. save vs. spell or suffer the following effects each round. R1: Deafening -2 to hit, -25% move. R2: Stunning -4 to hit, 50% move R3: Paralyzed, R4: Save or Die Mv: 30(10), Sv: F8, Ml: 12

There are three alcoves on the N, E, and W walls, 20’X10’ deep, each containing a bronze surfaced, marble altar with an artifact atop it. 

W: 2 Jars, one with a reptilian head on the stopper and the other with a cthonic head (Growth, Fire Resistance) and 2 Obsidian tablets. 1 contains: Ventriloquism, LightX2, Magic Missile, Plant Growth, and Telekinesis The other contains Arcane Eye and Locate Object. 

N: A black hilted blade of greenish steel that stings when you touch it. +1, +3 to regenerating monsters. 

E: A flat silver medallion on a chain, inscribed with concentric rings. (Medallion of thought. Read thoughts of beings within 30’ after concentrating 1 round. Save vs. Spells to avoid. Roll d6, on a 1 the user transmits their own thoughts to all within 30’ instead) There are two cylindrical keys on the chain, one to the gorgon creche, one to the sword lock on the bronze golem, and one for the unbreakable door between 10 & 8.

2: This 30X30 chamber is dominated by a large, translucent amber block 10X10X10 containing a massive jawed reptilian skull with one glazed red eye still remaining in its left socket, hovering a foot off the floor. It moves easily when pushed. There is an alcove off of the main room containing a sort of circular, black glass mirror set in the wall with a small bronze plate and a striker hanging beside it. If the gong is rung, the mirror will begin to scintillate with arcane patterns and the skull can be asked questions in the fashion of a Commune spell if the user can speak Primeval. 

3: This 80’ hallway is hung with large bronze plates intricately inlaid with geometric patterns. The gravity varies every 10 feet. Roll 1d4 1: Down 2: East 3: West 4: Up Roll each time they step from one plate to the next. A complete opposite result will require a Dex check or the subject will fall for 1d6 dmg. Half turns will result in a Dex check with a -4 bonus and a fall for 1d3 dmg. The hall can be tested using pebbles or the like. If the direction of gravity is known there is no danger of harm. 

4: The circular door to this room is a plate of solid bronze hinged at the apex and openable by two handles jutting from its face. It requires a 1-2 on a d6 to open. Inside, mounted on pedestals are 13 large glass globes, each containing a swirling, yellowish gas. The bottom of the spheres contains 300 silver dodecahedrons (x10) or 300 gold figurines of serpent headed humanoids (x3). The spheres will break with 10 pts of damage. If exposed to the gas save vs. poison or be gripped with primal terror,
dropping all held items and fleeing for 1d8 rounds at full speed. (Total treasure: 3000 SP, 900 GP)

5: This room can be opened if a sapiad‘s hand is pressed into a hand shaped plate by the door, otherwise it can be forced open with a 1 on a d6. If the doors are forced, they are trapped by a guillotine style blade the requires a save vs. paralysis or it does 1d8 dmg. Beyond is a room occupied by 10 floating discs, each holding a large craniumed reptilian skull atop 200 silver figurines and 100 gold ones. The discs can be moved but will drift back into place if left alone. If taken from the complex they will become inert past the portal.

6: The walls in this room are a reddish patina’d bronze, with thousands of little peg holes along the curved NW wall, each containing a quartz cylendar marked on the end with a glyph. Hovering among them and sorting them is a wizened, reptilian humanoid with a huge head and large glowing eyes seated on a hovering bronze disc. If confronted it will use its charm gaze on the strongest looking intruder.

Sapiad Lorekeeper HD: 9, HP: 45, AC: 4, Atks: Spells. Charm Gaze: Save vs. Paralysis or be charmed indefinitely. Spells: Magic Missile, Shield, Mirror Image, Cause Fear (Save vs. Spell or flee 2 rnd), Cause Light Wounds (1d6+1)

There is a stand that supports its disc, and in the base you find  46 SP in the shape of fish headed humanoids, 31 PP in the shape of dragon headed humanoids, 1600 GP in the shape of lizard headed humanoids, 3000 EP shaped like a heavily armored cross between an ogre and a crawfish. 

Next to the stand is a complex apparatus of silver and crystal that has two pads that will stick to a users head. If one of the cylinders is placed in a slot in the device, it will place you in the mind and memories of one of the ancient creatures stored here. Roll a save vs. spell when initiating contact, otherwise the user will be trapped in the life recording and unable to move or interact with reality. If the pad is forcibly removed, roll a save vs. paralysis or else 1d4:
1: Struck mad, permanently under confusion. 

2: Body taken over by ancient mind 
3: Body goes inert, both minds stuck in crystal, which will shatter in 1d4 turns 
4: Body shared by ancient mind, will take over when character goes unconscious or sleeps if save vs. spell is failed each night.

7: The door to this chamber is locked requiring a 1 on d6 to open. In the center of this 20x20 room is a crystalline tree with octagonal stone leaves, hung with geodesic golden berries. Roll on the chart if any of the berries are eaten. (Here I was probably referring to the Random Characteristics Chart on page 149 of the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion. Or the Potions chart in the Treasure section of Labyrinth Lord)

8: A large lead box occupies the center of this room, with large, oily metal cylinders extending from the walls to the E and W sides. If the lock is opened, the pistons will retract and a creature resembling a hulking bull with metallic scales and glowing white eyes will be revealed. It will attack any intruders on sight. 

Gorgon: HD: 8, HP: 32, AC: 2, Atk: Gore 2d6 (2x dmg with running start) or gas cloud 10’X60’ save vs. petrify or turn to stone. Mv: 120(40), Sv: F8, Ml: 8

9: A massive stone crucible occupies the center of this room, its base scorched by an ancient inferno. There are claw marks on the edge, and a metal runged ladder leading down the sides, inside and out.

10: An 8’ figure of bronze in the shape of a massive humanoid with an articulated neck and a draconic head fills the archway before a door that leads into 11 at the base of the steps. It has a gleaming sword formed of a flat helix of two interweaving, razor thin blades leading from a heavy basket hilt that is locked into the fist by a hinged cover that can be opened by a key from the horde room. Around the corner is a heavy, lead plated door that cannot be broken down, and requires the key from the horde room to open. 

The Bronze Destroyer (Golem) - HD: 10, HP: 40, AC: 0, Atk: Sword+1 (+3 vs Dragons) 1d8+1/Claw 1d10, Molten Metal Breath Atk: 3d10 Mv: 90(30), Sv: F10, Ml: 12 

11: There are two solid doors of bronze in the N and S walls of the W end. They can be opened with a 1 on a d6.The E end of this chamber is lined with brass sarcophagus standing against the walls. Ornate sets of black armor and obsidian edged bronze clubs (1d6+2 dmg) hang from the front of each one, and on a tray beneath the armor there are 100 silver figurines (Total 1000 SP). 

There are 10 sarcophagi, 5 each on the N & S walls. There is an alcove in the E wall containing an assortment of cylinders, a cylinder reader, and two cylindrical flasks, one containing a Potion of Sweet Water and one containing a Potion of Animal control. If any sarcophagus is opened (requiring a 1 on a d6), all the others will open as well, awakening the fearsome dragon men inside. They will summon the bronze golem outside to cover for them as they don their armor (1d4 rounds per dragon man). Otherwise, they will cover for each other, 5 attacking and 5 armoring.

Dragon Men: HD: 5, HP: 20 apiece, AC: 5 (3), Dmg:  Claw/Claw/Bite. 1d4/1d4/1d8 1/day Breath attack 3d6 dmg. 1d3: 1: Acid, 2: Flame, 3: Electricity

12: The walls of this chamber are plated in lead. A large apparatus occupies the SE corner, in the form of two large coppery spheres connected to a bathtub like affair by spiral tubes, behind which crystal tanks full of a translucent whitish green liquid stand. The tub/coffin seems to be carved out of a solid block of brushed steel. There’s a depression in the bottom that appears to accommodate the shape of a humanoid with a long tail. A smaller depression lies in the middle of that that is about the size of one of the gold or silver figurines found throughout this complex. There is an ornate knife switch on the wall next to the apparatus. If a body, living or dead, is placed in the tub and the switch thrown, the tanks will crackle with lightning as the tub fills with the liquid. In 1d4 rounds, the body will compress into a metallic figurine. 

The higher the intrinsic magic, the more precious the metal. Grimlings = Lead, Humans = copper, Homanculus = Electrum, Dampyr/Mage = Gold, Clerics = Silver. If one ofthe gold or silver pieces is placed in the tub and its activated, it will be transformed into a Sapiad (gold) or a Cthonite (silver), which will be revived by an electrical pulse after they’re reconstituted. Sapiads will attack, Cthonites are docile and will obey whoever revived them, unless there are dragonmen or sapiads present, in which case they will obey them. The same goes for Dreadnoughts.

Sapiads (evolved lizard men): HD: 2+1, HP: As rolled, AC: 5, Dmg: 1d6+1 or by weapon. Mv: 60(20) Swim 120(40), Sv: F2, Ml: 12, Spells: As lvl 3 magic user

Cthonites (fish headed servitors): HD: 1+1.HP: 9 apiece, AC: 8. Dmg: 1d4/1d4. Mv: 90(30) Swim 120(40), Sv: F3, Ml: 7, Spells: As Lvl 2 Druid 

Dreadnought (ogre/crawfish hybrids): HD: 5, HP: 20 apiece, AC: 2, Atk: Claw/Claw/Bite 1d10/1d10/2d6, Move: 90’(30’) Tunnel 30(10) Sv: F4, Ml: 10 can sense vibrations in total dark.

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