Monday, April 12, 2010



So I just got back yesterday from a fantastical weekend of gaming with my friends at the third annual running of a little thing we call Helgacon, where we pretty much get together in a house down on the Cape and game. These next few blog posts of mine will outline some of the games I personally took part in or ran, and I imagine my colleagues will also be spinning tales of their virtual adventures on their awesome awesome blogs once they have properly receuperated.

Overall, I had a wonderful time, marred just a bit by the fact that I was seriously dragging from a cold or sinus infection or whatever the hell this pernicious affliction is that's been sapping my strength for the past couple weeks. It all worked out though, I only missed one game due to exhaustion, and everybody's sleep deprivation kind of equaled out with my energy deficit.

I'm looking avidly forward to next year already.

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