Saturday, October 24, 2009

Party at Ground Zero...

Okay, so it seems this is pretty much becoming a blog about minis, but that's fine with me, 'cos I love building 'em, kit bashing 'em, and to a slightly lesser degree, painting 'em. (Don't get me wrong, I love having fully painted miniatures, but there's a kind of sloggy quality to painting that must be overcome.)

Anyway, I keep coming up with crazy new minis projects, and here's the beginning of one. A buncha mutants for a vaguely realized Gamma World game/ campaign/ oneshot/ sandbox thing I've got in mind set in New England. This batch is ready to prime, and the only thing stopping me from digging thru my bits box and making more is I'm out of round bases.

These guys are built from Warhammer Fantasy Imperial Militia (my root stock of choice for kitbashing), Cadian Imperial guard, a variety of bits from my bits box, and Reaper Mini's awesome "Creature Components" pack.

Left to right up top, we've got high tech equipped Restorationists and adventurers. Some mean mutant plants. Imperialist Blackbellies in back, brave Watchmen from the walled city of Tham in front, and a variety of road sign shield waving freaks to the left. (Gotta love road sign shields. It's de rigeur for gonzo post apocalypse games.) Seein' all these little guys just gives me a warm glow inside, the kind of warm glow that sets off a gieger counter.

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