Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Class: The Sha'ir

"My genie can beat up your genie."

In ancient times I ran an Al Qadim campaign for my brother and his friends, that we had a LOT of fun with. One of my favorite aspects of that setting was how big genies figured into the mix, and how cool the sha'ir class/kit was. Since I'm gonna run an Arabian Nights themed game, here's my Labyrinth Lord take on the class. Sim sim, salabim!

Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level: None.

The jinni are a powerful force in the magical realm of Sanduq Ramul, and among the tribes of mankind there are men and women who have learned how to speak to, bargain with, and eventually, command these primal, elemental creatures.

Sha'ir may carry and use one handed weapons and bows, but may not use large two handed weapons or polearms. They cannot wear armor or use shields, as to wear armor is a sign of fear that causes them to lose the jinni's respect. They fight as Clerics, and save as Magic Users.

Sha'ir cast spells known as boons from their own spell list, using the Magic User's spell progression chart. This progression indicates the number and quality of favors they may ask from the jinni in a given day. They may choose any spell from the list as appropriate to the level available to them, rather than memorizing their spells beforehand.

At Level 4, a Sha'ir may summon a gen, a diminutive form of jinni that acts as a familiar to them. The gen shares the sha'ir's hit points, and if they are damaged so is their master (although not vice versa). Gen and their master may be healed seperately by any means available to them. If a sha'ir's gen is killed, they may not summon another for 101 days.

There are four types of gen, aligned to the four elements, and what type the Sha'ir may bond with is dependent on their alignment. Each type has a unique power that they may use on themselves at will, and on others once a day. A gen is only a foot tall, hits like a Lvl 1 Fighter, striking with their tiny fists or biting. They speak the language of the jinni.

The four gen types are:
Djinnlings, who can cast Fly once a day, has an AC of 3, and hits for 1d4 damage.
Daolani, who can cast Passwall once a day, has an AC of 2, and hits for 1d4 damage.
Efreetikin, who can cast Resist Flame once a day, has an AC of 3, and hits for 1d8 damage.
Maridan, who can cast Breathe Water once a day, has an AC of 3, and hits for 1d4 damage.

Lawful Sha'ir may choose a Djinnling or a Maridan.
Neutral Sha'ir may choose a Daolani or Maridan.
Chaotic Sha'ir may choose a Daolani or Efreetikin.

Reaching 9th. Level: Upon reaching this level, a sha'ir gains the power to summon and bind jinni into their service. They may do this with any type of jinni whose hit dice are 2 lower than their level (ignoring plus's), thus a 9th. level sha'ir may bind a djinn, while a 12th. level sha'ir may bind an efreeti. The service may be for a maximum duration of 101 days. Sha'ir may only bind one jinni at a time. Upon initiating the binding, the sha'ir must roll a 2d6 and consult the following table

Roll Result
2 Jinni is bound and serves enthusiastically. +1 to Morale
3-5 Jinni is bound to service.
6-8 Jinni is bound, but rebellious. -1 to Morale. 10% chance/day of escape
9-11 Jinni refuses service and vanishes
12 Jinni enraged at attempt to bind. Attacks instantly.

The following modifiers apply to this roll. The sha'ir may apply their reaction adjustment as well if their charisma is high or low enough.
+4 if a jinni of the same type has been slain in the sha'ir's service
-2 if a prior bound jinni was released from service earlier than agreed upon
+2 if a jinni is of a different alignment than the sha'ir
-1 if a jinni is the same alignment as the sha'ir
-1 for every 100000 gp worth of treasure offered to the jinni, up to 400000 gp.

Sha'ir do not build strongholds, preferring to wander, but they are a welcome presence in the halls or tents of the powerful and well connected.

Sha'ir use the Magic User level progression chart.

Sha'ir Spell List

1st Level
1 Light
2 Floating Disc
3 Hold Portal
4 Shield
5 Water Breathing
6 Resist Fire

2nd Level
1 Find Traps
2 Fly
3 Knock
4 Levitate
5 Phantasmal Force
6 Clairvoyance

3rd Level
1 Locate Object
2 Fire Ball
3 Create Food & Water
4 Hold Person
5 Lower Water
6 Detect Lie

4th Level
1 Move Earth
2 Hold Monster
3 Arcane Eye
4 Wall of Fire
5 Part Water
6 Conjure Animals

5th Level
1 Flame Strike
2 Blade Barrier
3 Conjure Elemental
4 Control Weather
5 Telekinesis
6 Wall of Stone

The entirety of this class is hereby designated as Open Game Content via the Open Game License.

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