Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Class: The Largomani

Digging the deep desert.

So here's the last of my new race replacements for my Arabian Nights themed Labyrinth Lord campaign in development. These guys are built out of dwarf and lizardman bits, which is fitting since they are essentially dwarf lizardmen. The female is an amalgamation of random bits held together with modeling putty. I figured all the races have a diaphanous veiled dancer, the Largomani should get one too.

They're named in honor of Largo, a mutant turtle (and heavy weapons enthusiast) a good amigo of mine played in my old Gamma World homebrew campaign. Hope you dig.

Hit Dice: 1d8
Maximum Level: 12

The stocky, reptilian Largomani (singular: Largoman) are creatures of the deep desert, able to survive and prosper in the merciless dune wastes that stretch from the perimeter fertile crescent to the Mount of Ages. While the harshness of their environs make survival their main concern, they are also a kindly folk, willing to extend hospitality to those in need.

A typical Largoman is about four feet tall, weighing about 170 pounds (all of which is muscle) and covered in a smooth, slightly waxy olive green hide. Their lizard like faces are rigid and inscrutable, so much of their personality comes through in vocal inflection and body language. (In fact, they are well known for their grace and skill at dancing, which comes as quite a surprise to the other peoples.) Their hands, while dextrous as any man's, are rough and thorny with thick nails that allow them to burrow through sand with amazing speed. Large, taloned feet and a four foot tail grant them very solid footing on shifting sands, should they choose to move above ground. In day to day life largomani dress very pragmatically, in simple kilts and cloaks, favoring as heavy armor as they can get.

From the day they come of age, every largoman is given a special device known as a dewwok, which resembles a small shield with strange hollows on one side and a polished metal surface on the other, that when set out at night allows them to gather enough water to sustain them for a whole day. A largoman dewwok is usually carried strapped to their back when they are mobile during the day, and adds a +1 to their armor class in addition to whatever other armor and shield they may be using. It is generally their most prized posession, and they will go to great lengths to protect it.

Largomani have the ability to see heat, granting them infravision out to 60 feet. They are also able to burrow through loose earth or sand at a movement rate of 30'. Their intimate knowledge of the wastelands allows them a 1-2 on a d6 roll to detect pitfalls, hidden tunnels, quicksand, or buried water in earthen or sandy environments. Their inherent toughness grants them good saving throws against magic. An unencumbered Largoman has a movement rate of 60', but only suffer encumbrance if they are carrying over 80 lbs. Due to their short stature, they can't use pole arms or large 2 handed weapons. Largomani speak their own language, the common tongue, and their alignment language. They harbour a fierce hatred of the tomb rats, and gain a +1 to damage against them in battle. All Largomani understand something of the tomb rats' debased language.

Reaching 9th. Level: When a Largoman reaches a this level, they will find a likely spot and construct a sietch: an underground warren of tunnels that features large meeting halls, deeply buried cisterns, colonies of docile giant insects that the occupants raise for food, and creche chambers for Largomani eggs and hatchlings. The sietch is defended by Largomani soldiers, but may harbor experts and spellcasters of other races. Largomani seitches operate under a strict code of hospitality. If a wayfarer comes to one in peace, they will be housed, fed, and protected for up to three days.

Largomani use the Dwarf saving throws and the Dwarf level progression from the Labyrinth Lord rulebook, with a d8 for hit dice.

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