Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Class: The Kedai

Princes of Purrrrrrrrsia.

The main reason for these guys is 'cos I got all these awesome minis from the Alkemy tactical game. How can you not dig cat people in Arabian Nights gear? They are also a revamp of a race my friends and I came up with for a shared worldbuilding/Savage Worlds campaign. (Factoid: Kedai is derived from "Kedi" which is cat in Turkish)

Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level: 10

The Kedai are an exalted race of felines originating in the ancient temples of a forgotten deity that can be found at oasis' across the land. Before vanishing, this unknown patron bestowed a final blessing on the sacred cats dwelling in these sprawling ruins, giving them the gifts of speech, sense, and skill. The Kedai refer to this diety in their language as "Ohai", which translates as "She who will return." They revere her as their creator, but do not attach much significance to her beyond that. Aside from a small but fervent order of albino priestesses, they generally ignore their patron deity.

Were a leopard to rise up upon its hind legs and begin dressing and acting as a human, that is the general appearance of the Kedai. Their short fur coats come in shades of gold or orange with black rosettes, with all black and albino specimens infrequently appearing as well.

They are very proud of their appearance, and prefer to dress in loose, colorful clothing that accentuates their pelts to greatest effect. Kedai at their best are bright and vivacious, and intensely curious, at their worst they are lazy, flighty, and vain. Fierce when wronged, but quick to forget grudges. Kedai speak their own language, as well as common and gnoll. Those with Intelligence over 13 may speak the Ancient tongue, while those with Wisdom over 13 may speak the langage of the Jinni.

A kedai gains a +5% bonus to experience if they have a 13 in either prime requisite, and gain a +10% if they have a 13 in both. They gain a +1 bonus to initiative rolls when alone or in a party composed completely of their own kind. They posess infravision out to 60 feet, but their eyes glow in the dark, possibly revealing their location to enemies. They are capable of making great leaps of 20 feet in any direction, as long as they are unencumbered. A kedai may make a saving throw vs. Petrify while falling distances of 30 feet or less to land safely on their feet without harm.

Reaching 9th. Level: A kedai of high enough level may seek out an unoccupied temple ruin and establish a community there, where they may rule as a Bey answering to the Kedai Pasha once they have cleared it of any unwarranted occupants and restored the complex to a liveable state. Such communities often become caravan waypoints and centers of trade and culture, and it often will behoove the ruler to attract learned sages, wizards, and clerics, as well as merchants, tradesmen, and entertainers. The complex may be defended by mercenaries of any kind, but the Pasha prefers his vassals to make as much use of kedai soldiery as possible.

Kedai use the Elf saving throws and the Fighter level progression from the Labyrinth Lord rulebook, with a d6 for Hit Dice.

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