Monday, July 23, 2018

The Creepy Crawl Chronicles - Sessions 56 & 57

Retaking Ghoulardia pass from Granny Maw and her bugbears. (Attempt 1)
(Image may not be 100% Accurate)
Greed – Lvl 5 Homanculus
Tao – Lvl 5 Druid
Vlad Draculastein – Lvl 5 Dampyr
Ritzy – Lvl 5 Homanculus
Tarvinir – Lvl 5 Magic User
Arongoth of Hogendaus – Lvl 6 Cleric/Vegetable

Monsters Mashed:
3 Bugbears – Zapped thru the battered chunks of the siege machine
300 exp/ 7 players = 43 Exp apiece

1 Hill Giant – Ingloriously magic missiled to death.
560 exp/7 players = 80 Exp apiece

1 Troll – Autobeheaded, pinned to a cave wall and roasted to death in burning Web spell. Head now in stone urn, not happy.
600 exp/ 7 players = 86 Exp apiece

Total: 209 EXP per person.


This pair of sessions saw a sortie back to Ghoulardia Pass to attempt to liberate the catacombs and Cardille Keep from a new set of interlopers, the horrible hag Granny Maw and her army of goons. They didn't really follow thru, for whatever reason, preferring to just harry the defenses a bit before they trekked back to their new patrons, the Von Himmel Family.

They made a frontal assault on the Keep, and tangled with a bunch of bugbears at the gate who were manning a ballista. These they killed, but backed off when the resistance didn't show any signs of weakening.

They also used that confounded Big Red d30 to one shot kill a hill giant that was stationed on top of the tower. (Honestly, I'm still ambivalent about this rule. The players loved it though... Feh.) 

Finally, they tried entering one of the crypts in the graveyard and ran afoul of a troll that had been set to guard the underground chamber beneath (where the giant rat creature had once been kept by Doctor Von Rattschmidt). They snicker snacked its head clean off with one of their magic swords and torched its body after immobilizing it in a Web spell. 

They took the loudly complaining head back to the Von Himmels in a stone urn, probably hoping to cash in on his prior offer of money for troll blood (known for its uncanny (and nasty) healing properties). The juice from this cranky cranium would come in handy in future sessions (in a certain liberal definition of the phrase.)

The journey back was a bit fraught, as you will soon see...

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