Thursday, June 21, 2018

All the Jinni one might Wish for

I've been running the Thousand Year Sandglass as a campaign world for over ten years now, and along the way I've accumulated quite the collection of jinni minis. (Or genies, if you Wish.)

Their extreme power combined with the circumstances under which they might be countered or controlled make them very compelling monsters, and are a big part of why I enjoy using them in an Arabian Nights styled setting. Just fighting a jinni is an option, but they are so much more interesting when negotiated with. Here are creatures who can give you the world, if you only know how to ask properly.

Plus it's just huge fun to talk in a big, booming voice like a gigantic Persian Santa Claus in baggy pants, a la Shazzan. 

What DM worth their dice hasn't relished the chance to grant a Wish in the most obnoxious and obtuse way possible? Or watched their players twist themselves into semantic pretzels trying to properly "code" their request such that they won't get stampeded by a million male deer or crushed under a mountain of gold.

The jinni are of course a prominent feature in my new campaign book The Thousand Year Sandglass, and I cover all four classic elemental types from AD&D:

The Djinn of the Air

The Dao of the Earth
The Efreeti of Fire
The Marid of the Seas
 I've also added a fifth sub-type, the mighty Storm Djinn, bred by the Djinn to fight off the depredations of their mortal foes the Efreeti, fierce as lions with the power of thunder and lightning.

Truly mighty indeed! Ho ho ho ho!
Yeah, once you uncork some jinni into your campaign world, it's hard to get 'em back in the bottle.

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