Monday, April 9, 2018

Helgacon XI

So the big news in my personal Game-O-Verse is that I just got back from a weekend at Helgacon, a small scale, invite only mini-convention organized by my longtime amigo Paul for the benefit of our mutual circle of gaming friends from the New England area. I've been going since it started as a small weekend gathering in 2008, and it's pretty much one of the high points of my year. It's been more of a challenge to get out there since I moved away back in 2012, but I wouldn't miss it for the world.

This year I ran two games:

The Resplendent Palace of the Sultan, a finale of sorts for my long running Arabian Nights themed Labyrinth Lord campaign: The Thousand Year Sandglass.

Search for the Star Condor, which is a sequel to Voyage of the Star Condor, a space fantasy game I ran at Helgacon VI that was a combination of Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks, Labyrinth Lord, and the old Parker Brothers game Shadowlord!

Once I've gathered my thoughts and cogitated a while, I'll blog about these, and the games I played in run by my mighty friends Delta and Paul.

For now, suffice to say I had a splendid time, and can hardly wait for Helgacon XII to come. 

Game on, Helga's Heroes! May your dice forever give you critical successes! See you soon!

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