Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Creepy Crawl Chronicles - Session 14

Vlad Draculastein – Lvl 4 Dampyr
Greed – Lvl 5 Homanculus
Arongoth of Hogendaus – Lvl 5 Cleric
               Fritzy and Doug 2 zombified rat creature minions
Rael – Lvl 6 Thief/Werewolf

Richard Darkmagic – Lvl 5 Magic User
Ritzy – Lvl 5 Homanculus

Monsters Mashed:
Count Lobovich, vampire of Cardille Keep – Magic Sworded, Magic Arrowed, Magic Missiled to scorchmark inside coffin.
               7300 EXP

4 Doom Guards – Turned by Arongoth
               200 EXP

50 Rats – Put to sleep by Vlad and stomped by Greed.
               300 EXP

Total: 7800 EXP/5 players = 1560 EXP Apiece

               Arongoth is now lvl 3, thanks to level drain from the vampire.

Intangible awards:
               Good luck kiss from Stella, the captive gypsy maiden. Players may choose to reroll 3 future die rolls.

 Good wrap up for the year, folks. See you around the table in 2014.


So the party went in thru the catacombs to the deepest sub basement of Cardille Keep and hit Lobovich where he sleeps, in a dungeon tomb guarded by four Doom Guards, which are essentially skeletons encased in rusty plate mail packed with grave dirt.

Yeooh ee oh. YeOOOh Oh!

Here's some stats: HD: 2, AC 2, Damage 1d10, Save F1, Move: 60(20), Morale 12. Undead: Turn as zombies, immune to sleep and charm spells. Pretty much just basic corpse men with a hardened shell.

This session was a mixed bag for the party, as you can see. While they brought out the big guns and laid a serious whuppin' on Lobovich, and released a captive gypsy maiden who bestowed some good luck kisses on the lot of them, Arongoth suffered a loss of two whole levels to the vampire's draining touch. Our crafty cleric's efforts to regain his stolen vigor will set him on a very bizarre path indeed, as you shall see, dear reader. 

Also, while they put a pretty serious crimp in their fearsome foe's un-lifestyle, they weren't quite as thorough as they needed to be to put him out of commission for good. 

Stay tuned, folks...

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